Nowadays the Spanish, Italian and Romanian team carried out the pilot study for Lights4Violence project. The objective of the pilot study is to evaluate and adapt the online questionnaire that we will use to evaluate the results in the intervention and control group.

In Spain the pilot study included 23 students. Most of the (91%) were 15 years old.  In Romania, the pilot study included 31 students aged between 17 and 15 years. In Italy, the pilot study included 18 students. Most of them aged in the 15th (72,2%). In Spain students took a mean of 67 minutes to complete the survey. In Romania and Italy, students took an average of 42 minutes to complete the survey. In these countries –Romania and Italy-, households have a medium-high socio-economic position, measured by the main activity of the parents and the highest level of education of the parents. In Spain household socioeconomic level is lower with a 25% of parent’s unemployment. 

The main results emerged by the study is that more than half (71% in Romania and Spain and 66.6% in Italy) has ever been in a dating relationship. 50% of Spanish student, 45% of Romanian and 56% of Italians know some women who have experienced intimate partner violence. Bullying became the most frequent violent behavior. In Romania, 16.1% of students bullied someone and 38.7% were bullied. In Italy, 16.7% of students bullied someone and 33.4% were bullied. In Spain the 13% referred control dating violence.