Lights, camera & action, AGAINST DATING VIOLENCE.

Lights, camera and action AGAINST DATING VIOLENCE (Lights4Violence)

This project is funded under the REC-RDAP-AWAR-AG-2016, an action grant to educate and raise awareness of girls and boys about gender-based violence as a way to prevent it at an early stage.



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    The Polish team gave lectures about the myths surrounding love and sexuality in teen dating relationships as those topics are still not very popular among the professionals working with young people. During the lecture, they talked about the Lights4Violence project as action preparing young people to improve the quality of life and relationships. The Lights4Violence project provided the great opportunity to put those topics on the agenda.

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    The International Meeting on "Educational intervention to prevent dating violence among adolescents" has just started in Alicante (October 23 and 24th). The preliminary results will be shown and, this time, another professionals of the area has come to share their projects and their results. It will be a wonderful experience!